An Important Documentary, Restored

You’ve never seen 1998’s “The Making of Riven” like this!

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Today, we have a classic game documentary for you — at a quality it has never seen before!

For the last year, we’ve been working with Cyan, the creators of the Myst series, to digitize hundreds of video tapes from their collections. We’ve already found some amazing footage, including the original live-action recordings used in Riven: The Sequel to Myst.

We also found the original master copy of The Making of Riven, a 13-minute documentary that was included with the game. The video that shipped with Riven was heavily compressed, but the version we found on a Digital Beta tape is an incredible bump up in quality. Look at this before-and-after!

We’re still processing Cyan’s massive collection, and we can’t wait to share more when we launch our digital library next year (more on that later this month!). But for now, please enjoy this newly remastered version of The Making of Riven! Our huge thanks to Cyan for opening up their vault for this exciting project, and thanks to our friends at Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound for their expert digitization.

Preserving objects like this costs money. Digitizing Cyan’s tape collection cost us nearly $7,000, and that’s just for the digitization part! It doesn’t take into account all of the time it takes us to find collections like these, arrange a donation, sort and catalog it, or even the hosting costs to digitally preserve it in our collection and make it available.

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