Frank Cifaldi

Founder & Director

Video game historian and producer with over twenty years of experience preserving the medium’s history.

Phil Salvador

Library Director

Video game historian and librarian with specialty in obscure and obsolete media types. Friend to all birds.

Robin Kunimune

Director of Programs

Event and media producer and truly a renaissance woman with 3,700+ hours in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Travis Brown

Director of Technology

Technical jack of all trades and Director of Developer Relations at Twitch with a basement full of arcade cabinets and CRTs.

Rich Whitehouse

Head of Digital Conservation

Game engineer and tinkerer specializing in reverse-engineering obscure formats to bring games back to life.

Amanda Cifaldi


Software artist using code to inspire joy and curiosity in the world. Senior staff engineer at Crunchbase.

Executive Board

Steven Lin

Tech executive, team-builder, and VP of Operations at Discord. A legend in the video game collecting world.

Simon Carless

Industry consultant and editor focused on game discoverability. Former Executive Vice President of Game Developers Conference.

Mike Mika

Veteran game developer with credits on over 200 games. Studio Head of Digital Eclipse, focusing on the restoration of important game franchises.

Chris Melissinos

Team leader and advocate focused on the intersection of new technology and games. Curator of The Smithsonian’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit.

Industry Advisors

Howard Phillips

Game producer and team leader with nearly 40 years of industry experience. Former Game Master at Nintendo of America.

Chris Charla

Executive at Microsoft leading its Content Curation team, including its indie games initiative. Former editor and game developer.

Andy McNamara

Director of Communications Strategy at Electronic Arts. Formerly the 27-year Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer Magazine.

We’ve worked with all the major players.

From games to tech to the entertainment industry and beyond, our experience covers just about every part of video game history.

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