The City of Lost Children – Motion Capture Photos

The following is from the Video Game History Foundation’s Video Game Media Assets Collection, an archive of digital material originally intended for use in media publications such as magazines and websites.

We place particular emphasis on collecting these materials because they offer insight both on how games were marketed and how they were made, as many of these assets were generated while a game was still in development. Additionally, because these materials were ephemeral by nature, they were typically disposed of after use. It is often the case that even their creators no longer have them.

The Video Game Media Asset Collection is an ongoing effort, see our blog post for more information.

About This Gallery

These are behind the scenes photos of the motion capture process in Psygnosis’s The City of Lost Children, taken from a CD-ROM originally sent to GamePro magazine.

Original Artifact: GamePro Art Archive 003 – The City of Lost Children (CD-ROM)