Watch the Nintendo Power Reunion!

Behind-the-scenes stories from the iconic Nintendo magazine

Back in January, we hosted a virtual event with some of the original staff of Nintendo Power magazine. For two and a half hours, they told stories from the early days of the magazine and answered our burning questions! We learned all kinds of fun things from them: who came up with the title A Link to the Past? Did someone really win the phone booth from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? And can Leslie Swan still do her Princess Peach voice? The audio and the video for the event are available now for anyone to listen. We hope you enjoy!


Gail Tilden, Nintendo of America’s first VP of Brand Management, creator and first editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power Magazine

Howard Phillips, Nintendo of America’s Game Master, co-star of the Howard & Nester comics in Nintendo Power Magazine

Leslie Swan, second editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power, and first Localization Director at Nintendo of America

Jeff Bafus, former Sales and Marketing manager at Nintendo of America, writer/editor for Nintendo Power and Nintendo Power strategy guides

Plus a group of the magazine’s original artists, led by Stephan Reese of The Interactive Art Collective. The artists are:

David Harto, Nintendo Power cover artist, responsible for painting more than a dozen iconic early covers.

Scott Douwes, Nintendo Power interior artist at V-Design. Artistic contributor to the magazine for 5 years.

Kevin Brockschmidt, Interior Nintendo Power artist. Known for his work with hand-painted cels.

Check out the audio version of this event by listening to episode 75 of The Video Game History Hour, available wherever you get your podcasts.