Ep. 75: Nintendo Power Reunion

A couple months ago we hosted a ticketed event as a fundraiser we called Nintendo Power Reunion – Stories from the Original Nintendo Power Staff. Nintendo Power was one of the most popular and iconic video game magazines in the US, and its original staff have gathered together for the first time to talk about it! Our panelists are Gail Tilden, Howard Philips, Leslie Swan, and Jeff Bafus. Please enjoy the audio from an incredible afternoon of stories and behind-the-scenes making of the classic Nintendo magazine.

Our Panelists:

Gail Tilden – Nintendo of America’s first VP of Brand Management, creator and first Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo Power.

Howard Phillips – Nintendo of America’s Game Master, co-star of the Howard & Nester comics in Nintendo Power.

Leslie Swan – Second Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo Power, and first Localization Director at Nintendo of America.

Jeff Bafus –  Former Sales and Marketing manager at Nintendo of America, writer/editor for Nintendo Power and Nintendo Power Strategy Guide.

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