Digitizing Behind-the-Scenes Content From the Creators of Myst!

We’re working with Cyan to preserve their entire video archive!

The prototypes in Ed Semrad’s basement

When you’re editor-in-chief of EGM, you get a lot of games in the mail.

Vintage Art Shows the Roots of Rockstar North

We’ve unearthed rarely-seen art and photos from the house that Grand Theft Auto built.

Why in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?

She’s stolen the world’s treasures, traveled through space, and even mastered time, but in Carmen’s most obscure caper, she…played pranks on the Peace Garden state?

The Sega-Gremlin Marketing Video Archive

Nearly a decade before they did what Nintendon’t, Sega’s marketing still managed to break new ground…even when it was really cheesy.

The Video Game Media Assets Collection

The Video Game History Foundation’s Video Game Media Assets Collection is an archive of digital material originally intended for use in media publications. This material is typically generated by a video game publisher and sent to a publication for use, though our collection also includes materials that were generated by the publications themselves, including photography…

Dooly Bravo Land, a rare look at 90s Korean game development

When it comes to the preservation of console games of the 1990s, the development work that came out of Korea tends to get overlooked by many historians and archivists. And it’s not hard to see why: these games were usually only sold in Korea and, even then, in what seem to be pretty small quantities.…

The NES Launch Collection

In developing the Foundation’s Digital Library, one need we identified early on was the ability to house special collections – that is, groups of related media, typically all tied together by one subject matter. One of our core beliefs is that historians are missing many of the tools needed to tell the stories of video games, so…