Vintage Art Shows the Roots of Rockstar North

We’ve unearthed rarely-seen art and photos from the house that Grand Theft Auto built.

Our friends at Noclip have just released their latest documentary, The History of Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings & DMA Design (embedded above), celebrating and reflecting on the tiny Scottish development studio that grew up to be the house of Grand Theft Auto.

During its production, we were asked to dig up any material we might have related to the company and its games that could be used in the documentary, and while our collection is not yet fully cataloged and digitized, we managed to dig up some great stuff anyway!

We managed to put together a collection of promotional material sent to the media, mostly from the mid-90s, which was an interesting crossroads period for the studio. This material consists entirely of files derived from electronic press kits sent on optical disc, as well as scanned paperwork. While there’s plenty of assets related to the original Grand Theft Auto, we also have material related to lesser-known games from the era, including Body Harvest, Space Station Silicon Valley, and the oft-forgotten Tanktics.

We’ve uploaded the collection more-or-less exactly as it was sent to Noclip here on The Internet Archive. Note that no attempt was made to convert these files to modern standards, so some conversion may be required! Below is a brief gallery of some of the highlights.