We Made a Podcast! The Video Game History Hour

We’re highlighting incredible video game research weekly in our new podcast!

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re thrilled to announce our newest project: a weekly podcast we’re calling The Video Game History Hour! Hosted by VGHF co-directors Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin, The Video Game History Hour is a podcast about –well…I think you can guess what it’s about. 

To be honest, we’ve been kicking around the idea to make some weekly content in the form of a podcast for a couple years now. We could never figure out how to make it work — if it’s going to be video game history content, it better be really good, and good research often takes a lot longer than a week! Thankfully, with the help of our awesome producer Robin, we found a solution that we’re proud of.

Here’s what you can expect:

We’re far from the only people out there researching and working to uncover cool stories from the history of video games, so this podcast is a chance to bring in expert guests to share their work. We’ll be asking questions, probing deeper into their research, and talking about what it takes to do it — and along the way, you’re going to learn some interesting history! Some of my favorite moments we’ve recorded so far come from the really incredible (and frustrating!) research journeys our guests have gone on. From scouring vintage trade show footage to catch a glimpse of a company’s booth to cross -referencing lists of IT graduates with company rosters, every one of these stories pieced together began with a whole lot of hard work and inginuity.

Our first guests have been historians and journalists doing their own digging, but who knows? I’m sure there are plenty of developers and industry insiders out there with some stories of their own to contribute. All I can tell you for sure is that every week we’ll have (roughly) an hour of tales from the history of video games to share with you!

We’re kicking it off with FOUR whole episodes, available right now on your favorite podcast app. And it’s not quite ready yet, but we’ll also be bringing you full transcripts of the show soon thanks to our amazing volunteers! New episodes will air on Wednesdays.

We’re really excited to get this started, and can’t wait to hear what you think of the show! Feel free to give the podcast a follow on its new Twitter account, @gamehistoryhour or shoot us an email at podcast@gamehistory.org. Enjoy!

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