Christmas Shopping for Games in the 1980s

Let’s play “I Spy” in the Toys ‘R’ Us video game aisle.

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Only a couple shopping days left this year! If you (reading this right now) are a child in 1988, then you’re gonna want the hottest toy on the market: the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This photo of two parents shopping for video games at Toys ‘R’ Us was taken for the Houston Chronicle during the 1988 Black Friday weekend. We love seeing the original store displays, and it’s interesting to see how the NES and the Atari consoles were sold alongside toy electronics like the Fisher-Price Camera. Remember, video games used to be treated more like toys by retailers!

It’s not common to find photos of what it looked like to shop for games in the 1980s, because not many people were bringing their camera to the toy stores back in the day. Thank goodness for news photographers!

We also spot a $19.99 price tag for the new NES Max controller… we’ll save our twenty bucks on that one. Maybe instead of using that weird cycloid, you could donate $19.99 to our annual winter fundraiser!

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Coming tomorrow: In 1991, Konami commissioned a theme song to inspire its employees. Three decades later, it inspired us instead.