Super Sushi Pinball

Sony’s second ever game in the U.S. was lost, until now.

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Today we’re proud to unveil some history on a thought-to-be-lost piece of Sony and Nintendo’s relationship – an unreleased game called Super Sushi Pinball.

We’ll let the YouTube video embedded above speak for itself, but essentially, when Sony first opened a video game division in the United States, they’d planned on publishing three games, all of them from companies in Japan: Super Dodge Ball, Super Sushi Pinball, and Super Rescue.

A rare Imagesoft brochure from the earliest days of Sony’s U.S. video game division.

Of the three, only one came out, despite Super Sushi Pinball being marketed by the company for over a year! It was even advertised to consumers who purchased Super Dodge Ball.

The poster included in the first printing of Super Dodge Ball showed two more titles “coming soon,” but neither would ever materialize!

We were able to find and preserve what might be the only surviving copy of the game, and as the video above will demonstrate, it is a… unique experience.

Thanks to owner Ed Semrad for letting us digitize his copy of the game, and to Hidden Palace for hosting it.