Persona 2 Pitch Document

A rare glimpse into Atlus’ production process.

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We know there’s a lot of you Persona fans out there, so we have a treat for you: We have the “game concept” document for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment!

This comes from a CD in our archives labeled “Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Supplemental Materials,” which we believe was sent to game reviewers. This document explains what Persona is and how the game works. Based on the language used here, like “proposed title,” we think this was actually the original pitch document they wrote to get Eternal Punishment published in the United States!

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We love this item because it shows how Atlus thought the Persona series was unique. Its distinguishing features, they say, are “its use of dark themes and the occult,” and that it takes place in a relatable modern-day setting. Sounds right!

We uploaded this CD to the Internet Archive back in 2017, but we don’t think anyone has noticed this interesting document until now! You can download the full CD to the Internet Archive if you want to explore the document and view some super-high-res Persona 2 artwork.

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