Mutant League Action Figures!

Is Mutant League for “wimps”? Ask this child!

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Mutant League was a sports game franchise that turned normal human sports, like football and hockey, into extreme, violent, post-apocalyptic carnage. Naturally, kids loved it, and it got spun off into an animated series. And that got spun off into a line of action figures, seen here!

This commercial for Mutant League action figures comes from the collection of Mike Mendheim, the veteran game designer of the original Mutant League Football. Mendheim has had a decades-long career going back to the 80s, including titles like Fester’s Quest, Taz-Mania (SNES), and the Army Men series. We’re excited to be digitizing and preserving his collection. which is one of the exciting additions we’ve made to our library thanks to your ongoing support for the Video Game History Foundation.

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A commercial like this can tell us a lot about how game franchises like Mutant League were marketed, but we’ll let the kid in the commercial say it himself: “It’s not for wimps!”

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