“Lost” Art from Mega Man Legends

Even games with MML’s fan following have things fall through the cracks.

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From our collection of art from the archives of GamePro magazine, here’s a grab bag of art for Mega Man Legends, including an adorable illustration of Data hanging out with Servbots, along with some character illustrations.

These come from a folder of Mega Man Legends artwork that, based on the file names, seems to predate the game’s English localization. The Servbots are referred to as “Lemon Heads,” while your sidekick Roll Caskett is just named “Girl.” Rude!

If you worked for a gaming magazine at this time, and you needed high-resolution art for your articles, you would get art like this sent directly to you by the game’s publisher, usually on CD. Thankfully, the art team at GamePro kept almost everything they were sent from 1995–2002. This Mega Man Legends art comes from one of the 900+ press CDs in our collection that were sent to GamePro magazine!

What makes these images particularly exceptional though is that, as far as we can tell, most of them aren’t on the internet yet! This is what makes these press asset collections so fascinating…like we discussed with the GTA team photo a few days ago, sometimes art was ignored at the time that, decades later, we now recognize as important.

Your donations to us are what makes this work possible…and finding new stuff like this is what keeps us energized! So as always, we can’t thank you enough!

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