Sing Along With This Konami Song

Konami commissioned a song to inspire its employees. Three decades later, it inspired us instead.

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Did you know Konami had a theme song? Probably not, unless you worked at Konami in the early 1990s!

In 1991, Konami commissioned the Konami Image Song, titled “Mahiru no Seiza” and performed by Japanese singer Shinji Tanimura. While there’s nothing specific about Konami in this song—sorry, no lyrics about Solid Snake—it was meant to represent “the new birth of Konami Co., Ltd.,” according to a company memo.

It seems like the Konami Image Song actually became a running joke at Konami. You can find references to “Mahiru no Seiza” hidden in a handful of Konami games. It was even used as the name for a special Konami-themed card pack in Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! games for PlayStation Portable.

We wanted a fun way to share this song, so please enjoy this karaoke-style video singalong. And if you work at Konami, let us know if this is something still talked about today.

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This copy of the Konami Image Song comes from the collection of Mark Flitman, a long-time video game producer who worked at Konami from 1990–1992. We’ve been processing the material he collected throughout his career, and will have more to share at a later date.

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