Every English-Language Video Game Magazine Still In Print

Print might be “dead,” but don’t tell these 25+ active magazines.

One of the functions of the Video Game History Foundation is to maintain a library of print magazines that cover video games and the video game industry. One of our core beliefs is that a robust collection of video game media provides historians with an instant window into how games were played, advertised, and discussed at the time of their release.

While this library mainly consists of publications from the industry’s pre-internet past, we recently decided to not only focus our efforts on more recent publications, but on staying current as well. Which meant finding and subscribing to all of the English-language magazines we could find.

As it turns out, this is much easier said than done! While there are quite a few magazines being published, there hasn’t been an index that we could find up until now. And in many cases, these magazines don’t have an internet presence! In more than one case, a magazine only made it on to this list because we happened upon them by taking the time to explore physical magazine racks.

A tremendous amount of research went in to not only substantiating these magazines, but on securing subscriptions to them, so we thought it was worth publishing the results of our work for the sake of any other video game-related libraries out there – or for potential readers who might not know their options!

We hope to maintain this post as a living document. Did we miss anything? Let us know at info@gamehistory.org.


October 4, 2019: Added Eight Bit Magazine and HyperPlay RPG. Keep those suggestions coming!

110% Gaming

Publisher: DC Thompson Media
Website: 110Gaming.com
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: DC Thomson Shop

Like gaming? Then you’ll love 110% Gaming magazine!

Aimed at kids aged 7-12, each issue comes with awesome free gifts as well as all the latest game reviews and previews. If that’s not enough, you can catch up on YouTuber exclusives with DanTDM, Stampy and EthanGamer, and play like a pro with walkthroughs, Minecraft tips, and Fortnite pro guides!

Covering all gaming platforms and featuring only age appropriate content, make sure you ‘level up’ and get your copy!

This British magazine is squarely aimed at children. Like many European magazines in this demographic, each issue is poly-bagged with bonus toys: issue 66 (pictured), for example, includes a keychain, thumb grips, posters, and trading cards.

Download: Minecraft Official Magazine

Publisher: Egmont
Website: Minecraft.Egmont.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription (Download Magazine): Newsstand

Minecraft magazine is the only official magazine for Minecraft crafters who want to become better builders.

Each issue is jam-packed with hints, tips and step-by-step builds that show you how to improve your game and hone your building skills. All the tips and guides are presented by four hardy adventurers – Sparks, Bear, Scout and Monty – who also star in the magazine’s official comic strip, co-created by Mojang.

You also get the chance to access behind the scenes and exclusive peek into a selection of builds created by the Minecraft community as well as tough quizzes games only the biggest fans can find the answers to!

This is the magazine the Minecraft community have been waiting for!

Minecraft Official Magazine in the UK appears to have merged into Download Magazine, a publication that switches is content focus month to month (other subjects include Fortnite and Star Wars).

Download: Fortnite, Independent & Unofficial

Publisher: Egmont
Website: N/A
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription (Download Magazine): Newsstand

Download: Fortnite, Independent & Unofficial is on sale now! The first issue of our brand-new magazine comes with an exclusive 3D effect dance poster, cut-out nightshade mask, game tips and secrets from Season 7.

Like Minecraft Official Magazine, this Fortnite-specific publication is actually the occasional issue of Download, a magazine that has zero web presence and switches its focus month-to-month.


Publisher: Future
Website: GamesRadar.com/edge
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: My Favourite Magazines

An essential magazine subscription for game industry pros, aspiring developers and committed hobbyists.

Edge is a global authority on videogame art, design and play, providing subscribers with a regular source of trusted videogames industry insight.

The UK’s oldest surviving video game magazine. Not nearly as influential as it once was, but still a great resource for developer insight and thoughtful criticism.

Eight Bit

Website: EightBitMagazine.com
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: EightBitMagazine.com

Eight Bit Magazine started as a Kickstarter project back in March 2016 as a project to create a magazine for collectors and users of 8-bit computers. All 8-bit computers are covered from the ultra rare to the best selling computer of all time, the Commodore 64.

After a highly successful kickstarter issue 2 onwards will be published quarterly. Each issue will be at least 68, A5 pages in full colour with the goal of creating the excitement of computer magazines of the 1980’s. Topics covered will be everything 8-bit, from hardware, software, programming and 8-bit culture. Our eyes won’t be totally focused on the past as the 8-bit scene is still going strong and growing stronger. We will cover the release of new hardware and software and best of all, meeting the people involved in the scene who love those computers as much as we do.

This retro tech zine also has an annual compendium, and an upcoming spinoff magazine, Retro Format.


Website: FREEZE64.com
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: FREEZE64.COM

If you love old Commodore 64 magazines such as ZZAP!64, Commodore Format, and Commodore User, then you’re going to LOVE this…

FREEZE64 is a home-grown, A5 pro-printed, full colour, gloss, Commodore 64 gaming, cheat and coding fanzine, which you can buy and have sent to you wherever you are in the world.

Each issue is full of C64 game news, mini game reviews, coder interviews (recent interviews include Jon Hare, David Darling, Andrew Braybrook, John Darnell, Gary Penn, Nick Taylor, Peter Liepa, Shaun Southern, Chris Shrigley, Karl Hornell, Mark Greenshields, Duncan Kershaw, Tony Pomfret…) game ending reviews, desert island disks, special guides on game hacking, tips, revealing hidden game messages, exclusive POKES ‘n CODES, and lots, lots more. If you love gaming on your C64 and want to learn more about cheating in games, as well as reading game reviews, features and interviews, then this is the fanzine for you.

This Commodore 64 fanzine is shockingly prolific, with editor Vinny Mainolfi managing to secure multiple interesting interviews in each issue.


Publisher: Fusion Retro Books
Website: FusionGamingMag.com
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: FusionGamingMag.com

A brand new magazine covering gaming – all types of gaming across Retro, Indie, Current, Handheld, Table Top and even games such as Flight Deck from the 1980s toy-box.

Each issue (from issue #2) will be 60 pages in length, A5 in size and printed in high quality silk paper.

It’s worth noting that an American syndication of Fusion’s content is set to debut soon as “Retro Fusion,” a continuation of Retro magazine.

Game Informer

Publisher: Sunrise Publications/GameStop
Website: GameInformer.com
Country: United States
Subscription: GameInformer.com/subscribe

From world exclusive first looks to authoritative reviews, Game Informer is the cultural catalyst that drives dialogue about video gaming on a global scale. With its dynamic mix of hard-hitting news, unique perspectives on pending game releases, and engaging dialogue with industry insiders, the magazine shines a light on the creative outlets that drive the burgeoning interactive entertainment industry and, most importantly, advises gamers on where to spend their hard earned dollars. As professionals and consumers, we play the bad games so you don’t have to.

The oldest surviving English-language video game magazine, having started way back in 1991! Thanks to subscriptions being included with the GameStop rewards card, the magazine’s circulation is over 7 million – the fourth largest overall circulation in the country.

HyperPlay RPG

Website: HyperPlayRPG.com
Country: United States
Subscription: N/A

Be warned, young grasshopper: Xbox360/One and PS3/4 games will not feature. Not for a while anyway. And if you’re looking for FPS reviews and beat-em-up fun and games, you won’t find them here.

What you will find is a mag that can’t be found anywhere else: informative, entertaining, off-beat insights into the best that retro RPGs and Nintendo have to offer. To be held and, yes, sniffed in your trembling hands. Who knows, these issues themselves may one day become collector’s items…

Independent & Unofficial Guide to Fortnite (UK)

Publisher: Dennis Publishing
Website: N/A
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: Newsstand

The Independent and Unofficial Guide to Fortnite is a legendary source of Fortnite tips, advice and strategy. Our 52-page magazine is rammed full of great advice for players of both Battle Royale and Save The World.

We’ll help you make sense of Save The World, profile the world’s best Fortnite players and show you how to get involved in Fortnite eSports tournaments. And if you’re still stuck, you can always seek advice from our no-nonsense agony aunt Fortessa!

A monthly magazine for the Fortnite fan. Can occasionally be found at vendors in the U.S., though there is no official way to subscribe.

Independent & Unofficial Guide to Fortnite (US)

Publisher: ZAGS
Website: N/A
Country: United States
Subscription: N/A

U.S. syndication of the British magazine, with its own numbering scheme and a slightly different page size.

It, like its publisher, is a bit of a mystery – I’ve only seen two issues for sale, and I’ve only ever seen them at CVS pharmacy. The current, undated issue seems to be #2, though the actual content seems to mirror the UK’s issue 11 – from all the way back in June, an eternity in Fortnite time. It’s been in stock at my local CVS since at least August.

It is unclear if any more issues are coming, but given that it is still available for purchase, it is included here.

Independent and Unofficial Guide Minecraft World

Publisher: Dennis Publishing
Website: MinecraftWorldMagazine.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription (UK): Dennis Subscriptions
Subscription (Outside the UK): Newsstand

Each issue of Minecraft World is packed full of news on what’s happening within the online community, tips on achieving various goals, tutorials, puzzles and plenty of expert advice.

Become an expert by subscribing today – learn how to protect yourself against the mobs, test out new recipes and discover everything you need to know about all the different blocks.

Whether you love to play, or you know someone that does, Minecraft World is the best independent guide available.

A surprisingly long-lasting magazine that got in early on the Minecraft craze – the current issue as of this writing is number 57.

Independent & Unofficial Ultimate Fortnite Challenges

Publisher: Dennis Publishing
Website: N/A
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: N/A

Ultimate Fortnite Challenges is part mag, part game. In every issue of UFC, we set readers a series of Fortnite challenges to complete in the game: three for Battle Royale and three for Save the World. Each of those challenges has five or six sub-challenges.

Tick off all the sub-challenges and you can tick the box at the end that says you’ve completed that challenge! Can readers tick off the Bronzes, Silvers and Golds in every issue? That really is the Ultimate Fortnite Challenge!

Sister publication to Indpendent & Unofficial Guide to Fortnite, with a fairly unique premise. Issue 8, with no cover date, is the most recent, but given the magazine’s lack of a web presence it is unclear if issues are still being published.

Krash Presents: Fortnite

Publisher: Nuclear Media
Website: N/A
Country: Australia

If you play Fortnite then you need to buy Krash – Presents FORTNITE every issue has the latest download from the game… if you play Fortnite then you need this superb magazine and posters

Spin-off of Krash, an Australian boy’s magazine. One of several Fortnite-specific magazines currently being published around the world.

The actual content here is created by Old Mate Media – in fact, according to his LinkedIn profile, the sole author of this magazine is editor Chris Stead, who is also the games editor at Krash. It is unclear if this magazine is still being published, as it has no web presence. A UK edition of the magazine with its own numbering scheme was also printed at one point, but appears to no longer be active.


Publisher: BizMedia
Website: MCVUK.com
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription (UK-only): MCVUK.com/subscribe

MCV has combined with Develop and Esports Pro to become one brand for the entire UK video games industry. Whether you’re an indie searching for the best partner for your next game, an esports tournament provider looking for new partners, a retailer wanting to maximise its community, a publisher acquiring new capabilities to push engagement, a mobile studio looking for the best data analysts, or even a media planner considering AR as part of its next big campaign.

These are all parts of our industry and MCV reflects every diverse aspect of it, with up to date analysis and insight. It will help everyone make better informed business decisions, and provide an independent and trusted platform for the industry to communicate through.

The long-running British publication is the only video game trade magazine still being printed in English, not counting those handed out only at trade shows (such as gamesindustry.biz magazine at E3). Complimentary subscriptions are offered only to members of the industry in the UK. Paid subscriptions are available, but have to be arranged manually via email.

Mega Visions

Website: MegaVisionsMag.com
Country: United States
Subscription: Patreon

Mega Visions Magazine is an independent, quarterly SEGA-focused magazine that covers everything SEGA, both new and old.

Inside each issue, you’ll find previews and reviews on the latest SEGA games and retro reviews and retrospectives on your favorite games from your youth. It also contains unique feature and personality stories on the people behind our favorite SEGA series, as well as coverage of the SEGA indie and community scene, and much more!

Each issue contains original cover and interior art and 64 pages of retro-style design that will make you feel like you’re back in the early ’90s. Our art team also creates original art for each retrospective and featured retro review to give each issue a unique look and feel.

Our goal is to create a video game magazine that’s collectible, not disposable.

Sega mega-fans Chris Powell and Gaham Cookson have been publishing fan work about the company since way back in the Dreamcast days. Mega Visions was a successfully-funded Kickstarter in 2016, and is now offered via Patreon.

Nintendo Force

Website: NintendoForceMagazine.com
Country: United States
Subscription: Patreon

Here’s some background info for you. Back in December 2012, Nintendo Power Magazine shipped its final issue. That got a lot of long-time Nintendo fans upset, as NP had been the one consistent and reliable print magazine covering Nintendo video games ever since the ’80s. Some of us had been subscribers for over two decades, and there were still tens of thousands of active subscribers getting new issues delivered in the mail up until that final issue.

Well, we didn’t want to see that legacy die. So we assembled a dream team of the most well-known Nintendo journalists from around the world and launched a new magazine four years ago! The first issue went on sale on January 11, 2013, exactly one month after Nintendo Power ended.

NF Magazine is not Nintendo Power, but we’re carrying its torch forward into the future by paying homage to the best parts of NP’s past while forging a new identity with an all-new team. So join the Force! Subscribe to NF Magazine by becoming a patron here on Patreon, and get all-new Nintendo magazines coming to your mailbox, your email inbox or directly to your digital reading device of choice!

Old School Gamer Magazine

Website: OldSchoolGamerMagazine.com
Country: United States
Subscription: Patreon

Old School Gamer Magazine was created to fill a hole in the retro gaming community. In North America, there has been over a half dozen magazines attempted over the last 10+ years in this area and hardly any of them have gotten past a dozen issues. In the UK, Retro Gamer Magazine has done fantastic, and we want to start a tradition like they have had since January 2004.

This magazine is dedicated to the gamer who enjoys everything from Arcade Game collecting – refurbishing – playing to the gamer reliving his childhood from the 70s, 80s and 90s and passing it on to the next generation of gamers. Those that collect the arcade machines, bring that back to life and play them, those that collect and enjoy games from the first generation to the current.

It is worth noting that the digital edition of this is free on the website.

PC Gamer (UK)

Publisher: Future
Website: PCGamer.com/uk/magazine
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription (UK): My Favourite Magazines
Subscription (Worldwide): Newsstand

Delivering the most authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining PC reviews.

PC Gamer is the world’s best videogames magazine, delivering in-depth reviews, bespoke features and extensive hardware coverage in every issue.

Long-running magazine focused on the PC market. Note that the UK edition is not officially available in the U.S. – if you click the subscription link above, it will switch magazine regions based on your IP. We managed to use a VPN to trick the site into selling us a UK edition subscription mailed to the U.S., but were promptly refunded days later.

PC Gamer (US)

Publisher: Future
Website: PCGamer.com/magazine
Country: United States
Subscription (US): My Favourite Magazines

PC Gamer is the world’s best videogames magazine, with in-depth reviews, bespoke features and extensive hardware coverage in every issue.

We know the culture of PC better than anyone, and with each issue, we aim to share that passion with our loyal readers – and we’ll make a few jokes while doing it.

The U.S. edition of PC Gamer has the same content as the UK edition, just less of it…about twenty fewer pages of editorial, in all.

PC PowerPlay

Publisher: Future
Country: Australia
Subscription: Magshop

PC PowerPlay is Australia’s original and best-selling PC games magazine. Offering a mix of games and hardware coverage, the magazine gives a complete picture for the PC entertainment enthusiast. Inside is breaking news of new games, detailed previews of upcoming games, and advice to help readers make sense of the array of hardware and tech products that hit the market each month.

PC Powerplay doesn’t just promote tech, it benchmarks and analyses it to help gamers make the most intelligent purchasing decision they can.

PC PowerPlay appears to be Australia’s last surviving general interest video game mag, as Hyper quietly published its final issue recently.

PlayStation Official Magazine

Publisher: Future
Website: GamesRadar.com/opm
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: My Favourite Magazines

The global authority on all things PlayStation.

With unrivaled access, informed opinion, and sharp writing, Official PlayStation Magazine – UK is the definitive source for the latest PS4 news, features, and reviews; travelling the world to bring you the insider scoops and hottest new releases.

Retro Gamer

Publisher: Future
Website: RetroGamer.net
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: My Favourite Magazines

The award-winning essential guide to classic videogames.

The only magazine in the UK totally dedicated to all aspects of retro gaming, containing exclusive interviews with classic developers, behind the scenes access to the biggest games of all time, and fascinating new facts about all of your favourite games.

This UK-centric nostalgia mag is about to celebrate its 200th issue!

RETRO Fusion

Publisher: Piko Interactive
Website: ReadRetro.com
Country: United States
Subscription: Patreon

Retro Magazine has become the official partner and distributor of Fusion Magazine for the US and North America!

Fusion Magazine is a great retro video game magazine made by Fusion Retro Books (Oliver Twins History and Ocean Software History Books). Their reporting and articles are top notch and their editorial team is very knowledgeable in terms of video gaming of the past.

So Thanks to this, finally we are going to be more efficient in terms of magazine issues for RETRO.

RETRO Fusion Magazine (will be the official name of these issues) will have an exclusive cover page produce only for the North American readership! And will ship at least 2 issues a year (Fusion is shipping 6 a year). The magazine will only feature 4 full page advertisements, the rest will be content (about 54-60 pages total).

Formerly RETRO Magazine (pictured), RETRO Fusion is the North American syndicated version of Fusion out of the UK. As of this writing the first issue has not shipped.

Switch Player

Website: SwitchPlayer.net
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: Patreon

We are an independent Nintendo Switch magazine founded in 2016 and dedicated solely to the Nintendo Switch. We released our first issue in February 2017 and we also have a website which you can check out via this link here. Not now, though, read all this stuff first.

Our magazine is packed with loads of awesome Switch coverage, whether that’s the latest reviews, features from amazing journalists, interviews with Switch developers and community contributions. You don’t have to go far on the internet to find Switch coverage online, as it’s new and shiny and very popular but we hope that our little magazine will offer a unique, relevant and detailed impression for everything from the world of the Switch.

Ultimate Guide to Fortnite

Publisher: Centennial
Website: N/A
Country: United States
Subscription: N/A

Otherwise known as “Gaming Fun Presents The Ultimate Guide to Fortnite. This is, as far as we know, the only video game magazine published in the United States that can be purchased at a newsstand.

The content here, though mostly uncredited, appears to be provided by Goody S.A. out of Lisbon, and is translated and rewritten by Centennial’s staff in New York. Goody’s Fortnite content is syndicated to several publishers around the world.

Interestingly, Egmont in the UK has used this same content in its Showcase and Toxic magazines – with a completely different English translation!

Walmart GameCenter (and related)

Publisher: EGM Media
Website: EGMNow.com/magazine
Country: United States
Subscription: N/A

Walmart GameCenter Magazine is distributed via an exclusive partnership with Walmart. Our magazine, now in its 5th year of continuous publishing, delivers news, previews, and interviews with the biggest names in gaming.

Each edition is distributed in both print and digital formats that are accessible by gamers who visit any of the 3,000+ Walmart retail locations across North America in a permanent, metal rack on the video game end-cap.

Walmart GameCenter Magazine is also available digitally. Each print edition is accompanied by a highly interactive digital edition, which is either available for download on all devices or downloads automatically on computers to users, who have downloaded our desktop newsstand app. The magazine is also easily viewable through our game-specific Launch Day Apps on iOS and Android mobile devices.

For those wondering what happened to Electronic Gaming Monthly, here it is! EGM Media publishes magazines distributed exclusively at Walmart retail stores for free. In addition to Walmart GameCenter, there is also Geek and Walmart Parents Guide to Video Games. Though they are separate publications, they seem to share the same staff and publishing cadence.


Publisher: Raspberry Pi Press
Website: Wireframe.RaspberryPi.org
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: Raspberry Pi Press

Wireframe magazine is a new fortnightly magazine that lifts the lid on video games. In every issue, we’ll be looking at how games are made, who makes them, and even guide you through the process of making your own.

We ❤️ open source

Wireframe magazine operates under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). This means you are welcome to share and adapt the content of the magazine as long as you follow the licence terms.

Wireframe magazine is published by Raspberry Pi Press, the publishing imprint of Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd. Like the purchase of any other official Raspberry Pi product, buying Wireframe magazine helps the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to put the power of computing in the hands of people all over the world. Every penny made by RPTL goes towards the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission.

It’s hard not to appreciate an open source print magazine – especially with content as diverse and interesting as Wireframe’s. A truly unique publication.

Xbox: The Official Magazine

Publisher: Future
Website: GamesRadar.com/oxm
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription: My Favourite Magazines

Exclusive access to all the biggest Xbox One & Xbox One X releases.

Great writing, expert opinion and unrivaled access to new games, the world’s biggest (and smallest) game studios and more, Official Xbox Magazine is the definitive source for the latest Xbox news, previews, reviews and in-depth features on all things Xbox.

As of earlier this year, there are no longer separate UK and US editions of Xbox: The Official Magazine. The US edition has now merged numbering schemes with the UK magazine, and the only difference is the bar code and cover price – even the advertisements in the US magazine are for British sellers!