Ep. 59: DMCA Exemption Ruling

Cyberlaw Clinic tech lawyer Kendra Albert and librarian and video game historian Phil Salvador join the show to give us their professional insight into the U.S. Copyright Office’s October 2021 ruling which affects how libraries are able to provide access to video games and other software. As we discuss this current event, we hope to provide context as to what this ruling means, how it was reached, and how we might approach the next round of exemption proposals to best serve preservation efforts. 

Further Reading:

Cyberlaw Clinic (background material): https://clinic.cyber.harvard.edu/2021/03/12/clinic-spn-and-lca-fight-digital-deterioration-prepare-for-1201-hearings/

Final rule (10 page version): https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2021-10-28/pdf/2021-23311.pdf

Register’s recommendation (300 page version): https://cdn.loc.gov/copyright/1201/2021/2021_Section_1201_Registers_Recommendation.pdf

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