Ep. 23: Working on Donkey Kong Country and Dinosaur Planet with Kev Bayliss & David Wise

You and Diddy better jump inside that explosive barrel and get tossed into this minecart because we are going on a trip! This week we’re playing co-op with TWO guests at the same time. We meant to have artist Kev Bayliss and composer (not music engineer) David Wise join us to reminisce about Dinosaur Planet, as Kev did in his editorial “I was a lead on Dinosaur Planet and this week’s leak brought back great memories.” However, things went truly off the rails and we ended up looking back at their time working on not only Dinosaur Planet, later Star Fox Adventures, but also Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing, Battletoads, Wheel of Fortune, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Killer Instinct and we’re just not sorry at all. Spoiler Alert: there may be a Dragonheart spoiler ahead.

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