Ep. 87: P.R.E.S.T.A.V.B.A.: Text-Based Resistance

We’re joined by Aaron Reed, creator of a special blog post turned book called 50 Years of Text Games, a project documenting one stand-out text adventure game from every year going all the way back to 1971 (Oregon Trail!). In this episode we look into the 1988 entry, P.R.E.S.T.A.V.B.A., a political protest game from Czechoslovakia.…

Watch the Nintendo Power Reunion!

Behind-the-scenes stories from the iconic Nintendo magazine

The Making of Nintendo Power Magazine

Hear the original editors their stories from the making of the classic magazine at this virtual event!

VGHF Returns “Lost” Art to GOG

High res paintings, concept art and more unearthed after over twenty years.

Baseball’s Lost “NBA Jam” Revealed

Baseball fans have often wondered why they didn’t get an “NBA Jam” of their own. Turns out, they almost did.

2020 Year in Review!

Despite some very 2020 setbacks, it was still a great year for video game preservation!

Who Won In The First Game Awards?

Decades before “The Game Awards” there were the “Arcade Awards.” What was award-worthy in the ‘70s?

Why in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?

She’s stolen the world’s treasures, traveled through space, and even mastered time, but in Carmen’s most obscure caper, she…played pranks on the Peace Garden state?

2019 Year in Review!

Ten conferences, three movies, a library, and a museum exhibit were only just the start…

The time I excavated a Power Glove dinosaur

So after yesterday’s discovery of an undocumented Spinnaker game hiding in a pile of 90s GIFs (you did read that, didn’t you?) I was inspired to dig a little further into the GIFs Galore CD. And what I found, and brought back to life, was a lost Power Glove dinosaur. Sort of. Let’s back up…