Pixels In Print (Part 2): Advertising Odyssey – The First Home Video Game

How do you explain home video games to someone who has never seen an arcade cabinet, or even a VCR?

Why in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?

She’s stolen the world’s treasures, traveled through space, and even mastered time, but in Carmen’s most obscure caper, she…played pranks on the Peace Garden state?

A Video Game By Any Other Name

Before they knew to call them “video games,” writers had to resort to all kinds of colorful descriptions.

Pixels In Print (Part 1): Advertising Computer Space – The First Arcade Video Game

To advertise the first commercial video game, marketers took inspiration from an unlikely source.

In Search of the First Video Game Commercial

How do you explain video games when video games don’t exist yet?

Artist Profile: Nina Stanley

The following article by freelance journalist Lisette Voytko is part of an ongoing series spotlighting the work of women throughout video game history. It was made possible through donations made toward the VGHF Writing Fund. If you’d like to see more like this, consider donating today! While working as a barista at a southern California coffee shop,…

Video Game Research Tips: Searching The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s book collections are a goldmine…if you learn to deal with its quirks.

Review Roundup: Was E.T. Really the “Worst Game Ever”?

1982’s biggest film success was also its biggest video game flop, but did critics really hate it?

Digging for treasure in Aladdin’s source code

When it was released back in 1993, Disney’s Aladdin for the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, depending on which side of the pond you lived on through the early 90’s) was really a visually striking game. Powered by what eventually became known as “Digicel” technology, along with a solid selection of middleware and some impressive…